For over a decade, Clarissa Luna has been painting famous faces across the globe. After living across the States, she decided to set up shop in New York City. Her work has graced the covers of magazines, runways, television & Hollywood red carpets.

As a child, Clarissa was often in trouble for sneaking into her grandmother's fancy make-up case. In return for being good, her grandmother would reward her with a lipstick. This, soon, sparked a passion that would stay with her forever.

After high school, Clarissa decided to follow her other passion, music. She started in radio, doing voice-overs and hosting her own shows. Determined and diligent, she quickly worked her way up the corporate ladder, becoming a young executive in the very competitive music industry.

Working at record labels gave her many opportunities. While accompanying a music artist she was working with on a photo shoot, she met world-renowned, celebrity make-up artist, Sam Fine. Meeting Sam sparked nostalgic memories and she soon fell in love with make-up all over, again. Clarissa immediately decided to quit her successful music career, and follow her childhood passion.

Despite the hype, her down-to-earth attitude keeps people coming back for more. Clarissa is truly devoted to her clientele, and offers her services, on both coasts, by appointment only. Her family, close friends, and make-up artistry, are her 'joie de vivre'.
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